Cubberley Dojo

At Silicon Valley Shotokan Karate's newest location, we offer separate classes for kids ages 6-12, teens, and adults.

Children's Classes
Kids can expect to learn:
  • the most important kihon (basic) techniques and begin to apply them in basic and very controlled self-defense exercises
  • very basic kata (pre-arranged sets of movements)
  • strength, speed and balance training
Teen Classes
Teens do best in a group by themselves. The training is more physically demanding than with the class for the younger kids, but not as lengthy as the class for adults. In addition to getting some great exercise, they will develop skills of self-defense, self-control, concentration and awareness.

Adult Classes
Learn authentic* Karate from some of the most qualified instructors outside of Japan. For more information about what these classes involve, please see the here.

*most of it in this area is not

Japan Trained Instructors
The primary instructor (teaching nearly all classes at this location), Keeling (Jon) Sensei, started teaching Shotokan karate more than 28 years ago. He lived and trained in Japan for 8 years and is considered one of the most highly qualified instructors of Shotokan anywhere. Other instructors will sometimes help with the kids classes and there are always very experienced people participating in the adult classes.

Dojo location
Cubberley Community Center is conveniently located near highway 101 on Middlefield Rd., in Palo Alto. We are in the Dance Studio, a room of 1600 sq ft with a high-quality sprung wood floor and mirrors on two walls.

Days & Times

kids 6-12 years old:
Wednesdays, 4:15-5:00pm
teens (13-18 years old):

Please arrive a few minutes early to begin warming up. If it is your first visit, please arrive even earlier to leave time to find our room in the back of the campus (Room G6)

Please see map below.
We hold our classes in the Dance Studio, which is room G6. Drive into the main parking lot next to the library, go past the Pavilion and turn to the right. After a curve to the left, you will enter the back parking lot. Turn right as you enter this lot and look for our sign.