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We think everyone should enjoy karate training.


Think you're out of shape? Too old? Never tried any kind of martial art?

Everyone starts somewhere. Join us today!

New students and visitors are welcome to drop-in any time to watch classes or join in. There are no enrollment periods and no contracts in our adult classes. For the kids' classes, we try to start beginners at the beginning of each month.

Please send email or come to the next class.

Beginning Adult Classes
Beginners at JKA of Silicon Valley are taken off to the side of the class and taught the most basic techniques before joining the rest of the class.  This usually takes 3 to 4 weeks at an average of 3 hours per week.

Children & Teen Classes
We have separate classes for teens and younger children.

Basic Curriculum
In the first couple months, adults can expect to learn
• the most important kihon (basic) techniques and begin to apply them
• the first kata (form; pre-arrange set of 20+ movements)
• basic kumite (sparring) (no-contact, very controlled and very safe)
(Please note that the pace in the kids' class is much slower and kumite is not practiced until yellow belt level)

All adult students are expected to come to class at least 3 hours a week if they expect to improve.  If you just want to keep in shape and have fun, feel free to stop by for occasional classes.  But if you want to make real progress, please consider coming at least a couple times per week.

Participation in extra-curricular activities, such as training at other locations and tournament competition, is optional, as is participation in rank (belt) testing. We have several tournament champions in our group. But competition is not our primary goal.

What to Wear
If this is your first time doing karate, please wear comfortable clothing you can move in until you are ready to purchase a proper karate-gi (uniform).

When to Arrive
Please arrive for class at least a few minutes before the scheduled start time to change clothes and begin warming up.

We often use Japanese terms and expressions in the dojo, but we are always happy to explain terms until you learn them.

We hold over 99% of our classes in spacious rooms with wooden floors. But a couple times each year, we train outside in the grass: