Redwood City Dojo

What are your goals? build physical conditioning and core strength? reduce stress? enhance self-confidence and learn to defend yourself?
Traditional Shotokan Karate
At Silicon Valley Shotokan Karate we study authentic, traditional Shotokan Karate as taught in Japan.  If you are not sure what that means, please come by to watch a class or two and ask questions afterwards.

Japan Trained Instructors
SVSK's two primary instructors, Keeling (Jon) Sensei and Borda (Fred) Sensei, started teaching Shotokan karate 28 and 25 years ago, respectively.  Both have lived and trained in Japan extensively.  Other black belts also instruct at SVSK at different times. We are also fortunate to have many guest instructors visit the club to teach.  In addition to the regular Instructors' Classes (for black belts only), we have had some very talented and experienced instructors from other areas teach special seminars at Silicon Valley Shotokan Karate. 


An Analytical Approach
Training at Silicon Valley Shotokan Karate stands apart from many other traditional karate regimens. We practice what could be called "thinking person's karate," emphasizing not only the body, but also the mind. We think about what we are doing. We train hard. But we also train smart, following a traditional curriculum. Our instructors invite students to ask questions in class, and they try to give useful answers based on their long experience and appropriate to students' levels.

More Than Meets the Eye
Karate-do, the way of karate, is more than what you see and do. It offers a framework for how to live. Serious students of karate-do learn that working to perfect themselves, carrying respect for everyone around them, and remaining peaceful help them to remain on the right path through life.

For All Levels
Training is open to all levels.  Our classes include beginners as well as those who began their karate experience more than thirty years ago.  We frequently have instructors visit from other dojo to further their training. Classes usually focus on basic techniques, so even beginners can follow along, while more advanced students can explore the same techniques at a higher level.

Please note that our adult classes in Redwood City are open to teenagers as well. 6-12 year olds are welcome at our Palo Alto location.

Private lessons are also available.

Spacious Dojo

Most of our adult classes are held at St Peter's Church in Redwood City, near El Camino Real. The hall we use for our classes has a large 2,300 square foot wood floor. We also hold adult classes in Palo Alto, at Cubberley Community Center, on Wednesdays.
Private lessons are also available.

For more information about other Shotokan dojo in the Silicon Valley / San Francisco Bay area, please contact us.