Special Events

Silicon Valley Shotokan Karate organizes and participates in a variety of karate special events in the Bay Area and around the world.

Please see the News page for details on upcoming events!

Instructors' Training 
We host invitation-only instructors' training for Shotokan black belts, aimed particularly toward improving teaching skills. These sessions are led by those who have proven themselves to be skilled instructors, not simply those who have spent the most time in a given organization. If you are interested taking part, please contact us. 

We also host weekend seminars and other events. Guest instructors who have taught and/or given demonstrations at our dojo include Senseis Masataka Mori, James Yabe, Steve Ubl, Kosaku Yokota, Elmar Schmeisser, Vince Morris, Richard Amos, Michael Berger, Frank Valentin, Dan Cook, Chris Sterian, Leroy Rodrigues, Sue Miller, Brian Thompson (all Shotokan), Rob Alvelais (Shito-ryu), T Ohshiro (Kobudo), Aaron Hoopes (Yoga/Breathing/Karate) and Adrej Diamanstein (Iaido). In addition, many of our members train at other dojo locations from time to time. 

Our list of guest instructors continues to go strong. We already have several planned for this year.  For updates, please contact us. 

Information on upcoming special events. 

The Hoitsugan Seminars series is another special event in which JKASV takes a key role. 

Other Events 
Our students and instructors try to make it to another high quality dojo for "away classes" several times a year. If you would like more information on upcoming events, please contact us. 

At the end of every year SVSK organizes a unique Kick-a-Thon charity event.
At the beginning of the year, we perform at least 27 kata in a single session.

For more information about other Shotokan dojo in Silicon Valley / the San Francisco Bay Area, please e-mail SVSK Chief Instructor, Sensei Jon Keeling.